Welcome to the new web site for Tamam Shud. The next chapter of the band begins in 2016.

Tamam Shud played a very important part as pioneers of acid-rock and progressive music in the late sixties and early seventies. For many years after their 1972 split they were something of a cult, and original recordings are rare and collectable.

Eight years of moonlight

2016 sees the release of the first all new Tamam Shud recording in over twenty years.

Eight years of moonlight” is a collection of all Lindsay Bjerre compositions. It is the culmination of eight years of creation, development and work by Lindsay Bjerre and the band members in collaboration with John Cobbin and Marianne Slavich at Moonlight Studios in Sydney, hence the album title.

The 2016 Tamam Shud band members performing on this recording, and in upcoming live performances, are the same core personnel that originally came together in the early seventies in the “Morning of the earth” era and again in the 90’s for “Permanent Culture” .

Lindsay Bjerre- vocals, guitar, Tim Gaze- guitar, vocals, Peter Barron- bass, Nigel Macara – drums.

With a nice touch of irony, “Eight years of moonlight” is being released initially as a limited edition vinyl LP record which includes a free download of all tracks plus a bonus track. This is the first new Tamam Shud vinyl LP produced since the bands inclusion on the “Morning of the earth” soundtrack LP over 40 years ago.

Tamam Shud will be performing live in 2016 so keep in touch via this website or our Facebook page to share the news and enjoy the music.

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